News Reports of the Year 2012
  Archive of News Reports on the Mexican American & U.S. Latino Communities


12-31-12 Latino News Roundup for December 31st, 2012: New Year’s Eve Edition - Latino Rebels view report
12-30-12 New Year's Eve Traditions And Superstitions: 22 Latino Rituals To Guarantee A Prosperous 2013 - Huffington Post view report
12-30-12 Latino Talents and Legends who Left Us in 2012 - Sefia view report
12-29-12 As 500th anniversary nears, cities vie for title of Ponce de Leon's landing spot - Tampa Bay Times view report
12-28-12 Erasing The Brown: Whitewashing of Latino Characters in Film - Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors (HOLA) view report
12-28-12 Spanish Literacy Obstacle for Some Seeking “Deferred Action” - New America Media view report
12-28-12 Latino News Roundup for December 28th, 2012 - Latino Rebels view report
12-27-12 15 Curious Latino New Year's Eve Traditions - ABC News / Univision view report
12-27-12 Lo Que Mas Les Gustó: Listeners Pick The Best Music Of 2012 - NPR view report
12-27-12 Adios 2012: Blogamole Looks Back At The Year’s Greatest Chisme - tr3s / Blogamole view report
12-27-12 10 Latino Films You Probably Didn’t See in 2012 And Should - Remezcla view report
12-27-12 Mexican traffickers plant pot crop in American forests - USA Today view report
12-24-12 Hispanic Christmas Traditions: Celebrating Las Posadas With Villancicos (MUSIC / PHOTOS) - Huffington Post view report
12-23-12 ¡Feliz Navidad! Hispanic Christmas Traditions - Politics365 view report
12-20-12 Chicano Rock pioneers Los Lobos marking 40 years - NBC Latino view report
12-18-12 Peña Nieto announces new 10,000-member security force to be deployed in Mexico's most troubled regions - Los Angeles Times view report
12-09-12 Mexican American Boxing News: Juan Manuel Márquez Knocks Out Manny Pacquiao - Xcano Media view report
12-04-12 For Young Latino Readers, an Image Is Missing - The New York Times view report
11-30-12 My Mexican-American identity crisis - CNN view report
11-29-12 U.S.-Mexico drug war partnership under Calderon broke new ground - Los Angeles Times view report
11-23-12 Enrique Peña Nieto: U.S., Mexico should develop their economic bond - The Washington Post view report
11-20-12 US marijuana legalisation fuels Mexico drugs war debate - BBC view report
11-19-12 Searching for Healthy Mexican Food - Fox News Latino view report
11-12-12 Samuel Rodriguez will not solve the GOP’s Latino problem - Religion News Service view report
11-09-12 Mexico reports capture of alleged Zetas cartel commander Omar Juarez in Coahuila - Los Angeles Times view report
11-08-12 Hispanic Center Lehigh Valley opens South Bethlehem food pantry - | The Express-Times, Easton, PA view report
11-01-12 Mexico poised to charge police officers in U.S. ambush - Latin Times view report
10-30-12 Tracking Mexican Drug Cartels ... Via Google - Fox News Latino view report
10-25-12 Latino vote may top 12 million in 2012 - ABC News view report
10-24-12 Mexico Shootout: 7 Killed In Gunfight With Marines - Huffington Post view report
10-23-12 Sheriff Joe Arpaio, others sued over inmate Ernest Atencio's death - KNXV-TV, ABC 15, Phoenix view report
10-23-12 Ernest Atencio's Family Sues Sheriff Joe Arpaio Over Death Of Gulf War Veteran With Mental Illness - Huffington Post view report
10-21-12 Chicano: What Does The Word Mean And Where Does It Come From - Huffington Post view report
10-16-12 Source: Drug lord 'El Chapo's' daughter arrested at border - CNN view report
10-15-12 National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (October 15, 2012) - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) view report
10-14-12 Mexico's gang wars: 49 mutilated bodies dumped on road [Video] - The Guardian view report
10-14-12 San Antonio mayor says education is key for Latinos - USA Today view report
10-13-12 Mexico's drug cartels target journalists in brutal killing spree - The Guardian view report
10-11-12 State Media: One Killed in U.S. Mexico Border Shooting - CNN view report
10-10-12 The Eerie Logic of the Zetas Cartel's Most Infamous Actions - ABC News view report
10-10-12 Mexico Kills a Drug Kingpin, but the Body Gets Away - The New York Times view report
10-10-12 Leader of Mexico's Zetas drug gang proves elusive even in death - Los Angeles Times view report
10-09-12 Mexican Authorities Have Killed "El Lazca," the Leader of the Feared Zetas Cartel - ABC News view report
10-08-12 Mexico announces capture of Zetas paramilitary suspect - Los Angeles Times view report
10-04-12 Why Do Chicanos Love the Aztecs? - Dallas Observer News view report
10-02-12 Mexico: Juarez, Murder Capital of the World, Sees Dip in Killings - Fox News Latino view report
09-20-12 Why Do Mexicans Boycott Columbus Day? - OC Weekly view report
09-19-12 ‘Ugliest woman in the world’ Lizzie Vasquez teaches about true beauty view report
09-18-12 Romney takes a swipe at Latinos in 'secret video' - WBEZ 91.5, Chicago view report
09-16-12 Thousands celebrate Mexican independence at Las Vegas parade - Las Vegas Review-Journal view report
09-14-12 We don't celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month because we do it every day of the year. - Latino Rebels view report
09-12-12 Sifting for answers in a mass grave in Tapachula, Mexico - Los Angeles Times view report
09-12-12 Sociologist Refutes Stereotypes of Mexican-Americans in New Book - Fox News Latino view report
09-12-12 Jennifer Lopez joins Hispanic TV network - USA Today view report
09-11-12 Japanese 'Cholos': Chicano Subculture Finds A Home In East Asia (VIDEOS) - Huffington Post view report
09-10-12 'Barrios to Burbs' examines middle-class Mexican American families - 89.3 KPSS, Southern California Public Radio view report
09-08-12 Mexican-American astronaut now running for Congress - Fox News view report
09-07-12 Mexican Americans travel a long road - San Antonio Express-News / view report
09-05-12 Mother of Dem Convention Star Castro Called Alamo Defenders 'Drunks' and 'Crooks' - Fox News view report
08-30-12 Mitt Romney’s Mexican Roots - ABC News view report
08-26-12 Young and Alone, Facing Court and Deportation - The New York Times view report
08-24-12 US embassy staff shot at by Mexican police - The Guardian view report
08-16-12 Why Do Mexicans Put Stickers Honoring the Dead on Car Windows? - OC Weekly view report
08-15-12 Soccer: After 75 years, U.S. men beat Mexico in Mexico for 1st time - Deseret News, Salt Lake City view report
08-13-12 Punjabi Sikh-Mexican American community fading into history - Faith Street view report
08-10-12 American athlete under fire for carrying Mexican flag - Yahoo! Sports view report
08-08-12 Mexico memorial to drug war victims inspires debate - Los Angeles Times view report
08-02-12 Why Do Gabachos Complain So Much? And why does the media only care about Mexicans when they do bad things? - OC Weekly view report
07-24-12 Mexico cartel attacks on press take toll on drug war coverage - Los Angeles Times view report
07-19-12 Mexican driver German Quiroga to participate in NASCAR - Hispanic Trending view report
07-11-12 Supreme Court Immigration Ruling in Arizona v. U.S. Got It Backward - The Daily Beast view report
07-05-12 Recent radio program on the shut-down of TUSD's Mexican American Studies Classes - American Indians in Children's Literature view report
07-05-12 Los Cenzontles Mexican Arts Center News (July 2012) - American Towns / Richmond Arts & Entertainment News view report
07-04-12 The 100 Most Independent Latinas In Hollywood! (PHOTOS) - Huffington Post view report
07-02-12 Aspiring American journalist found dead in Mexico City - Fox News view report
07-02-12 Mexican Drug Trafficking (Mexico's Drug War) - The New York Times view report
07-02-12 Mexico returns former ruling party to power - Yahoo! News view report
06-29-12 Mexico extradites suspect in U.S. consulate killing - Reuters view report
06-28-12 Mexican American Council and 'K? Onda!' to hold Fiesta del Verano this Saturday - MLive Media Group view report
06-24-12 A Year Without Mexican-American Studies In Tucson - NPR (National Public Radio) view report
06-23-12 Captured Man Isn't El Chapo's Son, So Who'll Get The Blame? - NPR (National Public Radio) view report
06-20-12 Asian immigrants to U.S. surpass Hispanics for first time - Yahoo! News view report
06-19-12 In a Shift, Biggest Wave of Migrants Is Now Asian - The New York Times view report
06-19-12 Marco Rubio says he would come to the US illegally if he had to - Yahoo! News view report
06-19-12 White House to halt deportation of young illegal immigrants view report
06-17-12 Cocaine Incorporated: How a Mexican Drug Cartel Makes Its Billions - The New York Times Magazine view report
06-15-12 40 Stars You Never Knew Were Mexican - Huffington Post view report
06-15-12 Obama Administration To Stop Deporting Younger Undocumented Immigrants And Grant Work Permits - Huffington Post view report
06-13-12 Travel Warning for Mexico: Possible Violent 'Retaliation' Against Americans view report
06-07-12 The LA Kings court Los Angeles’ large Latino population - SCPR / Southern California Public Radio view report
06-01-12 Mexico drug war displaces families in Sinaloa highlands - Los Angeles Times view report
05-23-12 Special Report: Mexico's Zetas rewrite drug war in blood - Reuters view report
05-19-12 Arrest of alleged kingpin seen as blow to Sinaloa cartel - Los Angeles Times view report
05-18-12 Top 3 Myths About Latinos in America - Fox News Latino view report
05-15-12 Hollywood Spaniards, Puerto Ricans plan ‘ultimate’ Chicano film - / Pochismo, Inc. view report
02-06-12 Mexico's Conservative Ruling Party Choses a Woman for Presidential Candidacy - US News & World Report view report
02-04-12 AP Analysis: Overtime Pay for Border Patrol Agents Are Up Even As the Arrests of Illegal Immigrants Plummets - NPR view report
02-03-12 Too Sexy for the Super Bowl? Latina Reporter's Attire Sparks Debate, Again - Fox News Latino view report
02-03-12 Chicano Movement Figure Reies Lopez Tijerina Makes a Rare San Francisco Speaking Engagement - KRQE view report
02-03-12 Decoy for US-Mexico Human Smuggling Ring: African American Drivers Being Used to Smuggle Illegals - Fox News Latino view report
02-02-12 2,500 Cops in Mexico Abandon Their Homes Thanks to Cartels - Fox News Latino view report
02-01-12 Arizona's Suppression of Chicano Studies Fits a Pattern of Making History Serve a Nationalist Mythology - The Guardian view report
02-01-12 More Groups Demand Release of Detained Books as Tuscon Teachers Adopt Ban of Chicano Studies - Huffington Post view report
01-31-12 Much Debate Over Bill to Bar Illegal Immigrants From Georgia Colleges - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution view report
01-30-12 Drought in Northern Mexico So Bad It's Hurting the Illicit Crops of Marijuana and Opium Poppies - USA Today view report
01-29-12 Mexico: Mexican Police Engage in UFO Chase - view report
01-27-12 Selena Gomez Enjoys Her Concert In Mexico City January 26, 2012 - Disney Dreaming view report
01-27-12 Mitt Romney Is Mexican-American Now as He Flip-flops on His Father and His Mexican “Roots” - America's Voice view report
01-26-12 New Fences at US-Mexico Border Block Access To US-Mexico Border Monuments - KPBS view report
01-25-12 Would Mitt Romney Like to be Considered the First Mexican American President? - Los Angeles Times view report
01-25-12 Arizona Unbound: National Reactions to Mexican American Studies Banishment in Tuscon Schools - Huffington Post view report
01-23-12 Why American Studiers Should Pay Attention to What’s Happening with Chicano Studies in Tuscon - view report
01-22-12 Opinion: What If The Greatest Threat to the U.S. Was An Al Qaida-Mexican Drug Cartel Alliance? - Fox News Latino view report
01-22-13 Andrea Mitchell: Mitt Romney's Mexican Relatives 'Crossed the Border Illegally' - NewsBusters view report
01-21-12 U.S. Border Patrol Announces Plan to Build a New Outpost Station in New Mexico's Bootheel - Fox News Latino view report
01-21-12 US Border Patrol Agent & Arizona Dept. of Corrections Officer Arrested in Drug Conspiracy Case - Fox News Latino view report
01-20-12 Kobe Bryant's Chicana Wife Vanessa (aka Vanessa Ubrieta) Reportedly Awarded $75M in Divorce Deal - Fox News Latino view report
01-19-12 As US-Mexico Trade Booms, Border Area Draws Jobs Away from China and Rising Labor Costs - Fox News Latino view report
01-19-12 Eva Longoria Removes Tattoo of Exe Basketball Star Tony Parker's Number Tattooed on Her Neck - AOL Latino view report
01-18-12 Meet Lucy Allain the DREAM Act Activist Who Cornered Mitt Romney at NYC Fundraiser - Fox News Latino view report
01-18-12 Jessica Alba's Launches New Eco-friendly Line of Baby Products After Her Own Experience - AOL Latino view report
01-17-12 'Custer' Huppenthal's Last Big Lie: The Seized Books in Tuscon Public Schools - Censored News / Native American blog view report
01-16-11 Anti-immigration tone alienating Hispanics - The Denver Post view report
01-15-12 Banned Mexican American Studies Program Still Polarizing the Local Tucson Community - view report
01-14-12 In Latest National Poll, 81% of Latinos Believe God is the Cause of Tebow’s Success - view report
01-13-12 For Many Latinos, Racial Identity Is More Culture Than Color - New York Times view report
01-12-13 Could Mitt Romney be America's first Hispanic president? - CNN view report
01-12-11 U.S. Government Guns to Mexican Drug Cartels: Another ATF Weapons Operation Comes Under Scrutiny - LA Times view report
01-11-12 Tucson School Board Suspends Mexican-American Studies Program After Judge Rules It Violates New Law - CNN view report
01-10-12 National Latino Broadcasting (NLB) Launches Cristina Radio on SiriusXM Channel 146 - BWW News Desk view report
01-09-12 U.S. Agents Helped Mexican and Colombian Drug Traffickers Launder Millions of Dollars in Illict Funds - Fox News Latino view report
01-07-12 More Latinos leaving the Catholic Church to Expanding Their Religious Horizons - USA Today view report
01-06-12 Audio Segment: New Mexico’s Memory of Land - The Legacy of Reies Lopez Tijerina - Latino USA with Maria Hinojosa view report
01-05-12 Geraldo Rivera Gives His Analysis on Presidential Arithmetic, Obama and the Latino Vote - Fox News Latino view report
01-04-12 Arizona Education Chief John Huppenthal Moves to Ban Mexican American & All Ethnic Studies in Tucson Schools - CNN view report
01-03-12 Latinos in Film: Only Two Percent Of Films In National Film Registry Are Latino Related - Cuéntame / MyCué view report
01-02-12 Mexican Drug Cartels Are Actively Seeking Recruits Among California Latino Americans - view report
01-01-12 A Borderland Beat Analysis of the Lessons and Challenges in Mexico's Five Year Old Drug War - Borderland Beat view report
01-01-12 Justin Bieber Honored to Perform with Carlos Santana ‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2012 performance - view report