Saturday, May 02, 2015
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young Latino student reading
Young Latinos are now a majority of U.S. students
Op Editorial: by Angel Tenez - Publisher, Mex-Am News / CEO, Xcano Media

According to the latest census figures, American Latinos are currently 17.1% of the total U.S. population. This number of course, only accounts for those who have been officially tallied. In truth, as most people know, there are many more millions of us still living in the fringe shadows of society. So in reality, our actual percentage of the population is even higher. Truly, we are almost everywhere. Yet, when compared to our presence in the power structures of U.S. society, our existing voice amongst the decision makers is barely heard.

In nearly all the areas of real power in the U.S., Latinos today are grossly underrepresented within these coveted spheres of influence where the real control of any people's destiny is being formed. In our modern world, this can be equated as: the halls of Congress - but not as the aides; the board rooms of most big Wall Street corporations - but not as their janitors; the parties of all major Hollywood producers - but not as their servants; or at the gardens of most any community's local banker - but not as their gardeners. These are some of the places where important decisions affecting our lives are being made. These are some of the places where the image of who we are to society is being created. These are also the places that'll all eventually succumb to the fact(s) of our increasing numbers.

It is inevitable; that, as the number of Latinos living in the U.S. continues to rise, we will no longer be denied the adequate representation and power needed to control our own lives.

Though we may be the so-called "largest minority group in America". Surely, we can see that we are neither black; nor wholly white. Being such, as our power continues to rise. Let us always remember to keep that most special sensitivity inherent to our native brown eye.

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