Friday, October 10, 2016
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Chicanos Reject Columbus, Embrace Indigenous Roots0 Ana Navarro debates 'That Mexican Thing' with Trump's Hispanic advisor3 Downtown Los Angeles skyline 20162 U.S. Latinos Prefer English Language TV Over Spanish0 Hillary Clinton Is Winning Decisively The Latino Millennial Vote4


Shawn Denholm with members of the Hamilton High School Boys Soccer Team, Hamilton, OH
Shawn Denholm with boys of Hamilton H.S. Soccer Team
Report by Angel Tenez | Mexican American News

HAMILTON, OH - Shawn Denholm wasn't looking for a fight when his son Logan joined the Hamilton High School Boys Soccer Team. Like most other fathers of high school athletes, it was assumed that watching his son play at local games would mostly be about cheering, and calmly chatting with other parents.

That's the way it was supposed to be. But, there's a specific factor associated with his son's Hamilton High School soccer team. It happens to be comprised of diverse members of the community, with the majority being Latino players.

If this was another time in a different era, this type of roster might not have been a issue. But, this is 2016. It is the year of Donald Trump and his overly zealous, often hate-filled, anti-Latino chanting, white nationalist supporters.

According to Denholm, during these past few years he's witnessed some very extreme ethnic taunting being directed at the Latino players of his son's team.

In an audio interview with Mexican American News, Denholm stated, "We've been dealing with this for years. It's just not an isolated incident this year.. They would be on the field and (opposing white team) players would call them names like 'beaner', 'wetbacks', 'go back to Mexico', push them, and the kids would complain." When asked if this has been happening at only one or two schools, Denholm emphasized, "Oh, it happens at a lot of high schools." Yet, for as troubling as these so-called "racist" behaviours are coming from the teenage players of an opposing team will be, what's...

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