Friday, October 14, 2016
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Latina college student with degree in hand at commencement ceremony
U.S. Latinos are making gains in higher education
Report by Suzanne Gamboa | NBC News

WASHINGTON, DC — The White House on Wednesday touted gains Hispanics have made in education, income and health insurance during President Barack Obama's time in office.

In a report released to mark the closing days of Hispanic Heritage Month, which ends Saturday, the White House issued a four-page brief from its Council on Economic Advisers on the Hispanics' economic progress in the Obama years.

Obama marked the close of Hispanic Heritage month with remarks at a White House reception Wednesday afternoon. Hispanic Heritage Month began Sept. 15 and closes on Saturday.

"Over the last eight years we have made a lot of progress, together for all Americans and nowhere have you been able to see more vividly the progress than in the Hispanic American community," Obama said at the event.

According to the report, Hispanics saw the fastest income growth of any racial or ethnic group, the largest decline in the poverty rate and "substantial" gains in insurance coverage. Hispanics also have seen high school graduation rates and bachelor's degree attainment each raise 5 percent.

The White House attributed the gains to policies enacted when he took office to pull the nation out of the Great Recession, enactment of the Affordable Care Act and increases in investments in all levels of education.

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